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When you share your life with a dog or cat, they become a member of the family. You grow together and weather many ups and downs, and your bond never wavers. At Charleston Heights Veterinary Clinic, we’re focused on helping you maintain a strong bond with your four-legged family member for as long as possible. We provide a variety of veterinary services that contribute to keeping your pet healthy and happy, from wellness exams and vaccines to teeth cleanings, surgeries, and more. Our veterinarians near Summerville, SC are happy to offer the highest quality care, and to be your pet’s trusted, life-long vet.

We Provide Veterinary Services to the Summerville, NC Region

The healthiest lives have the most consistent health care routines. At Charleston Heights Veterinary Clinic, we recommend yearly visits so we can evaluate your pet’s health and make sure they’re staying on track for a long and happy life.

Our veterinary services include:

Cat at our animal hospital near Summerville, SC

Why We Offer House Calls to Summerville, SC and Nearby Areas

When you and/or your pet can’t travel to our animal hospital near Summerville, SC for one reason or other, we’re certainly not going to say we can’t help you. In fact, with proper arrangements, we’ll be more than happy to come to you! House calls make it possible for our veterinary team to bring some of our veterinary services and tools to your home where we can provide the same high-quality care to your pet. To find out more, click the link below!

Learn more about house calls here.

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