Cat and Dog Neuter and Spay in North Charleston, SC

Cat and Dog Neuter and Spay in North Charleston, SC

Unless you plan on breeding your pet, we recommend having them spayed or neutered as soon as they’re old enough. Cat and dog neuters and spays are some of the most common pet surgeries performed in veterinary medicine, due to the number of benefits they yield. Spaying and neutering involves the complete removal of your pet’s ovaries or testicles, preventing them from breeding.

Here in North Charleston, we believe strongly in reducing pet overpopulation and helping pets avoid health problems stemming from their reproductive organs. Our advanced medical equipment and surgical techniques allow us to perform cat and dog neuter and spay surgeries with minimal risk and maximum efficiency.

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Why Dogs and Cats Should Be Spayed and Neutered

Along with reducing the stray pet population, cat and dog neuter and spay reduces or even eliminates undesirable behaviors, and prevents certain diseases. These are as follows:


  • Unwanted pregnancies
  • Going into heat
  • Spotting
  • Uterine infections
  • Roaming out of house/yard to breed
  • Breast cancer


  • Aggression
  • Roaming out of house/yard to breed
  • Urinating/spraying in the house
  • Testicular cancer
  • Prostate problems
  • Mounting objects/other animals

When to Spay or Neuter Your Dog or Cat

We can spay and neuter dogs and cats at about 4 months of age. This can vary, depending on your pet’s health and size, but we believe that the earlier your pet is spayed or neutered, the better. As pets get older, their risk of experiencing complications during or even after their procedure increases.

Puppy at dog neuter appointment

Expectations for Cat and Dog Neuter and Spay

During your puppy or kitten’s first exam, we’ll discuss spaying and neutering with you, and let you know when you should schedule their surgery. We can perform your pet’s surgery using our surgical laser if you would prefer—this method reduces bleeding, swelling, and recovery time.

After their surgery, you will need to monitor your pet very closely at home, and keep their activity to a minimum for several days so their incision can heal properly. This can be a challenge, since young pets recover quickly and tend to be rambunctious. We can provide you with an Elizabethan collar to keep your pet from biting, licking, or chewing at their incision, and we’ll show you how to put it on. If you’re still having problems, please call us at 843-554-4361 right away and we’ll be happy to help you.