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Our four-legged family members offer us the kind of unconditional love and devotion that otherwise seem to be in short supply these days. There’s nothing better than coming home to a pet who’s ecstatic to see you, even if you’ve only been away for 20 minutes. Through thick and thin, they stand by you, offering all the support and affection they can muster. At our animal hospital in North Charleston, our veterinarians know how important your pet is to your family, and we want to help nurture that special bond you share. We regard all pets under our roof as our own, and strongly emphasize personalized care that meets your loved one’s specific needs.

We’re a small animal hospital with a big heart—keeping companion animals healthy, happy, and active is our passion, and we’re always excited to receive new patients. Client education is an essential part of our protocol, and we want you to regard us as partners in your pet’s wellness journey.

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Veterinarian in North Charleston, SC

Dr. Garrett has been easily accessible for our puppy emergencies, sent us helpful reminders to keep us on track for Bolt’s routine health needs, and provides a warm atmosphere for the whole family. Thank you for your service!

Kennedy Family

Veterinary Services at Our Animal Hospital in North Charleston, SC

Our full-service animal hospital is designed to provide routine care for pets through all life stages. This includes preventive care for cats and dogs that are young and healthy, surgical care as needed throughout their life, and early disease detection and treatment for their senior years. Below are just some of the veterinary services we offer our patients:

Our goal is to provide the highest standard of care to your animal companion. We want all of our patients and their owners to feel like family at our animal hospital in North Charleston. We’re proud to offer a warm, welcoming atmosphere that prioritizes you and your pet’s needs, and helps us build a trusting working relationship with you.

We invite you to explore the rest of our website to learn more about our services and our outstanding veterinary team. We also welcome you to call us if you have any questions, or would like to book an appointment–you can reach us at 843-554-4361 or use the online form!

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