Small dog lying in its bed with a toy: Vet House Calls in North Charleston

Can’t Come to Us? We’ll Come to You

What if your pet needs routine or immediate care, but you and/or your pet are unable to travel? Regardless of the circumstances, all pets deserve quality care when they need it. If you can’t transport your pet to our hospital in North Charleston, we’ll be more than happy to administer their treatment in the peace and quiet of their own home. Veterinary house calls make it possible for anxious, elderly, or ailing patients to receive care without having to experience the stress of coming to the vet clinic. We understand that traveling with an animal simply isn’t possible for some people, so we’re proud to offer this service to those who need it.

Veterinary House Call Services

We can perform a variety of services for your pet during our house call visit, including:

For more extensive treatment that requires use of larger equipment (such as X-rays), our staff members can safely transport your loved one to our clinic for you.

A group of dogs looking up at their owner: Vet House Calls in North Charleston

Scheduling a House Call

Our veterinarians can make house calls on an as-needed basis for established clients. To schedule a house call, simply call us as you would to schedule an appointment at our animal hospital in North Charleston, and we’ll help you select the most convenient day and time. If there’s a service we can’t perform at your home, we can arrange a pick-up time and bring your pet to our clinic so they can get the care they need at our facility.

If you have any concerns about your ability to safely bring your animal companion to our clinic and are interested in scheduling a veterinary house call, please let us know. We want nothing more than for your pet to be healthy, happy, and comfortable at all times.