Cat and Dog Euthanasia in North Charleston, SC: The End of Your Pet’s Life Journey

As a pet owner, having your loved one humanely euthanized is one of the most painful and difficult choices you’ll ever need to make. We know how hard it is to have to say good-bye to our four-legged family members after they’ve brought so many years of joy to our lives. Here at Charleston Heights Veterinary Clinic in North Charleston, you don’t have to make this tough decision by yourself.

Cat and dog euthanasia can be a touchy subject, but we want pet owners like you to know your options when it comes to giving your loved one the care they need. For pets that are ailing, we’re willing to try other treatments at their owners’ request if there is possibility of increasing their quality of life. For pets that are elderly and/or terminally ill or generally have a low quality of life, euthanasia is often the most humane choice. However, the decision to go forward with euthanasia is entirely up to you. Our caring and compassionate staff members will give you the time and space you need to consider this decision, and will always be available to answer your questions.

Cat and Dog Euthanasia in North Charleston, SC

What to Expect

If you would prefer, we can examine your pet before making any final decisions; in some cases, they can benefit from further treatment and enjoy more time with you. We will recommend euthanasia only if we believe it is the kindest, most humane choice for your loved one.

Our veterinarians and staff here in North Charleston will do everything possible to make your pet’s passing as comfortable and peaceful as possible, for everyone involved. Whether you want family members to be present, or would rather wait outside the room, we’ll be glad to accommodate you. We’ll talk you through the process, as much or as little as you would prefer, and discuss handling of your pet’s remains. All pet owners grieve differently, and we want to respect your wishes in this very difficult time.

If you feel that your pet is reaching the end of their life’s journey and would like to discuss the next step, please contact us at 1-843-554-4361. We’ll always be here for you.

Veterinarian holding cat: Pet Euthanasia in North Charleston

Dr Benton and staff are friendly, knowledgeable, compassionate and professional. We moved to Park Circle, and joined their vet family over 7 years ago. Emphasis being on family. We cannot imagine taking our fur babies to anyone else. We’d like to acknowledge Dr. Benton and Berta on 2 situations that stand out to us. We have 2 Foxhounds and all of a sudden they did not get along. We had an overseas trip coming up and found ourselves in an awful situation.  With no hesitation Dr. Benton decided she would watch Ellie while we were gone. Dr. Benton sacrificed her personal time, family plans to help us in a short notice situation.  She is a rarity to find, along with her staff. Which leads me to Berta. I had surgery and was limited physically. Ellie had blown out her knees and required special care. Berta helped with every visit by loading and unloading Ellie from the vehicle. Berta also gave up her personal time to help me at my home, with Ellie when I was unable.

Jacque & Christi

Dr. Benton and her staff are truly angels sent from heaven. She has been there throughout our fur kids’ lives and cried with us when it was time for them to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Dr. Benton and her staff have become a beloved and special part of our family. We cannot ever imagine taking our precious animals to anyone else. Dr. Benton treats everyone's pets as if they were her own. We absolutely adore her.

Deb B. & Karen R.

Dr. Benton's love of animals is evident in the care and compassion she shows toward her clients and their pets.

Michelle O.

I can't recommend Dr. Benton enough!  I am a crazy dog mom.  I have 8 pups because I can't stop rescuing.  They are my kids and Dr. Benton cares for them like they are my kids!  There is nobody in the world I would trust more with my kids than her and that is saying a lot.  She performed a risky surgery on my 17 year old cocker spaniel when I'm sure nobody else would have taken the chance.  She recommend a new drug for my aging arthritic pups and they have a new lease on life.   One of my rescues was shot and she performs bi-weekly laser therapy to keep him moving and pain free.  Whatever the problem, Dr. Benton has the answer.  Her bedside manner is like no other and I am lucky enough to call her a friend.  She is on the cutting edge of vet care.  Her vet techs are equally amazing!  My husband and I can't leave the area because I know I will never find a vet like Charleston Heights.  I recommend her to all my family and friends.

Tanya W.

Veterinarian Erin Garrett has surprised us over and over by the "over and above" customized care for our pets. My wife and I treasure our dogs like they are part of the family. Erin treats our dogs like part of her family too as she always extends a personal touch.  I tell all my friends with pets about Erin and trust her without reservation! Sincerely, Howard and Alleyn (and Rocky and El-our well-cared for Westies)

Howard and Alleyn

Dr. Garrett has been easily accessible for our puppy emergencies, sent us helpful reminders to keep us on track for Bolt’s routine health needs, and provides a warm atmosphere for the whole family. Thank you for your service!

Kennedy Family

The whole staff is so wonderful, they made us feel like family.

Victoria M.

Dr. Benton is the most personable and helpful vet I've ever had. She loves my animals and wants to do everything she can to make them feel better. She is a person that works with her true calling. Love, love love her!!

Brianne H.